Students often wonder why we do physical warm-ups as part of our vocal training. I suppose I have been doing this so long, that I forget new students do not always understand the absolute necessity of doing so. First of all the voice IS the body. It is controlled by muscles and membrane, like any other bodily function. (Hey, why else when you get sick would you have sometimes have trouble with your voice?) Using your voice for work, as a speaker, teacher or singer/actor requires a healthy body/mind connection and being in tune with the physical sensations for producing healthy sound. It is essential for training your voice, as well. A vocal instructor cannot get inside your body (or head) and feel what you feel; she can lead you toward an understanding of what needs to happen, mostly through the use of exercises that will awaken that in you, while training your body/mind to create sound in a healthy and pleasing way. It isn’t magic, nor is it primarily intellectual, it is primarily physical.