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Finally I found with Wendy my perfect teacher to improve my voice!
-Marlies Aug 6, 2016

Having never taken a voice lesson, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Wendy gave me very good feedback and practical advice I was able to put into action.
-Holly Feb 23, 2017

Working with Wendy was an immense pleasure. I’ve had various voice instructors and music teachers over the years and she was the first who was able to explain things in a way that I could understand. I had a lot of personal breakthroughs regarding registers and my vocal habits, and I found some new favorite warmups! My voice felt the most versatile it ever has whilst under her instruction. She was also very helpful and willing to work with me and my wacky schedule. In addition she’s just very kind and lot of fun to work with. I would not hesitate to work with her again.
-Maren Dec 30, 2016

Professional, friendly, great with my daughter! Win! Win! Win!
-Addie G. Feb 15, 2017

Wendy was a wonderful teacher. She is very patient and knowledgeable and really knows what she is doing. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to any student for any subject that she teaches.

-Lisa Z. 02/12/2016

Wendy is a rare find in a teacher. She is so versatile and teaches all genres. She is highly skilled, creative and patient. She brought me out and gave me courage along with excellent coaching and instruction. Bonus- she is an awesome person. I would highly recommend her to any level singer!

-Jean D. 08/30/2015

I greatly appreciate how Wendy individualizes lessons to meet my needs. She is able to hone in on my specific vocal challenges, and has given me strategies and exercises to work on at home. In addition she has helped me choose audition songs and prepare me for those auditions. Her Singer’s Salon provides a safe and nurturing space in which to perform in front of an audience comprised of aspiring singers of all ages and experience levels. In addition to being an excellent teacher, Wendy is a talented performer who understands what it takes to audition, play a role, and entertain a live audience or in front of the camera.

-Carol M 08/29/2015

Wendy has been giving voice lessons to my 12-year-old daughter for 6 months, so I asked her what kind of review she should get. The answer was quick: “Five stars!” Why? “Because she’s fun, and she has helped me identify and work on the skills I need, and helped me improve where I’m okay, but could be better.”

From my point of view, Wendy has done all those things. My daughter loves to sing, and Wendy is increasing her skills and her confidence. She looks forward to her weekly lessons; never a complaint. Five stars.

-Bob M. 06/26/2015

Wendy is a passionate, highly professional and knowledgeable coach, who is truly committed to helping students achieve their desired effects!

-S.P. 11/28/2015

Wendy is probably the most professional and talented voice teacher I have worked with in my time singing. She was able to quickly diagnose and help me begin to address difficulties I was having, but was also very proactive in helping me find repetoire that I enjoyed and that meshed well with my voice and my musical interests. She is extremely knowledgeable about the mechanics of singing, as well as the interpretation of song, and really challenged me to think through my singing in a way I hadn’t before. Thanks!

-CE10478 01/21/2014

I’m a professional singer and I know the importance of maintaining my “instrument” I take lessons with Wendy to help keep my voice healthy and to get honest feedback on performance skills. She is excellent in communicating technical information and is always spot on in in recognizing issues and problem areas. She has a way of identifying and correcting things in a kind and supportive way.
I take private lessons and I also enjoy her student workshops. Wendy provides a safe and open environment for singers to work on material, performance ability and vocal skills. I always have fun, learn something new, make new friends and all at a reasonable price! Whether you are a beginner or a professional you will enjoy the time spent with Wendy and you will walk out the door a better singer and performer than when you walked in!

Jazz1 11/15/2013

After a long hiatus from singing, I began taking lessons with Wendy. I thank my lucky stars that this occurred. Wendy is not only a consummate professional, uber-talented and a thoroughly knowledgeable and dynamic teacher; she is also compassionate and caring, with a keen understanding of the many issues surrounding study of the arts and performance.

Wendy is a teacher who invokes trust from a student as she, ‘knows the score;’ the musical score, and life’s score, both big contributors to the development of the voice itself. Wendy is a gifted individual who works with students to improve, enhance, and enjoy artistic abilities already in place, and those yet to be discovered!
-TREMAG27 11/18/2013

I have found Wendy to be an outstanding voice instructor (and my expectations were high, having studied music for 10+ years prior to beginning lessons with her). She is very knowledgeable, does an excellent job at customizing her teaching approach, and is consistently enthusiastic – an excellent motivator! I highly recommend Wendy, and look forward to continuing work with her.

-Donna Kitchen 02/04/2010

Wendy is first a very loving young lady and pleasant to be around. She’s a very talented teacher who listens to what you are there to accomplish and she works with you to help bring out your best. Wendy is the first vocal coach that I feel so pleased with. I feel that I will reach my goal with Wendy helping me. I Thank God for her!
–Lillian Thurman 01/27/2113

That Wendy…big talents which include a big, rocking, beautiful voice; big brain, heart and soul allowing her to compose music expressing raw emotions/situations with big poetry and excellent musicianship. Lessons with Wendy are about professional, as well as personal growth. This artist/teacher is one who checks out ‘stones unturned’; wonders and is inspired by them for art and for life-sake, often one in the same.
–Tracy Karbel 07/17/2011

Wendy is a great voice teacher – very caring and diligent. Knowledgeable and experienced in many creative fields. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
–Laura Constans 01/16/2009

Wendy is by far one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with.
She has taught me more in my 5-6 months of working with her than I have had in my 5-6 YEARS of taking private voice lessons!
She’s a beautiful musician, and more importantly, a beautiful person.
Love Ya, Wendy!
–Kaleen Dolan 02/16/2009

My daughter, I’deyah Ricketts, is a 9 year old author and speaker. She recently spoke to over 450 students of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland. In preparing her for the event, Wendy provided her with lessons as a speech coach. Wendy absolutely did a fabulous job! At every session, she made my daughter feel comfortable and helped her gain the confidence to deliver an inspirational speech to the students of ACPS. Most professionals probably wouldn’t have taken us serious in asking for speech lessons for a 9 year old…not Wendy. First, she was excited to work with us and provided professional and quality service the whole way. Wendy definitely made an impact in the life of my daughter as she continues to follow her dream as an author and youth motivational speaker.
–Michael Ricketts 08/04/2012

Wendy provides voice lessons to both of our teenage children, ages 16 and 14 years old. She is truly outstanding. Wendy has a calming way about her that puts our kids at ease and makes the lessons enjoyable. She is very professional, always on time, and a pleasure to work with. She is outstanding at identifying strengths and weaknesses in vocal performance and has really helped both of our children improve. She comes highly recommended!
–Mark and Kelly 01/01/2011

My 12 year old has been singing on stage for several years now, and these are her first professional lessons. Wendy has been great, teaching her the fundamentals and working to her strengths, but also pushing her in new directions that work for her voice and range. My daughter really looks forward to the lessons every week. Wendy’s flexibility in scheduling has also been great for us.
–Brian Endless 06/13/2012

I love working with Wendy! She makes my voice lessons interesting and fun. She has an amazing voice. She rocks!!!!
–Abby G. 01/13/2009


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  1. I have been taking lessons with Wendy for almost 3 years. I sang for years in a vocal choir, but took many years off when I entered ‘adulthood’. It’s the one time a week I give to myself to really let go and do something for myself, and she gives me the confidence to do so. She has a kind and warm spirit, but is not afraid to push me out of my comfort zone and try something new. Her studio is warm and cozy and comfortable to practice in. I look forward to many more years working with her. 🙂

  2. Wendy is a definitely a wonderful voice coach. I have been taking lessons almost 2 years and my voice & singing has improved a lot compare to the beginning! 🙂 She is very professional and passionate!

    She is also gave me very helpful comments about the musical wisdoms, emotions, and artistic advises not even just for a voice exercises.

    I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who is looking for a wonderful teacher!

  3. I stopped singing for a very long time and Wendy helped bring that part of me back to life!! Her positive suggestions and teaching methods make it so easy and enjoyable to relearn what I’d forgotten and to discover parts of my voice that I didn’t know I had. The Singers Salon that she hosts offers a safe and nurturing environment to get up on stage in front of an audience, which is lacking with most teachers. That experience is invaluable and a lot of fun! I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who is interested in a wonderful learning experience.

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