Callie’s Solo

Comedy! Singing! and a host of crazy characters…that’s Callie’s life, now that she’s gone solo…

JULY 15, 2017

We’ll be doing a cozy viewing event in Wendy’s Studio, also known as the set for Callie’s Solo Web Series! Chat with the creators and enjoy some snacks and beverages! Limited Seating so reserve now!

April 30, 2017 UPDATE!

Friday April 28 we launched the finale episodes of Callie’s Solo Web Series! We had a small soiree and shared some singing and interviews with our Facebook Live audience. Check out our Facebook link!

Callie’s Solo Ep 5 “Callie’s Crazy Week” can be accessed here!

April 1st UPDATE!

We are proud to announce Callie’s Solo is an official selection in the Web Series Festival Global 2017!!!! We are thrilled!!!!!! Stay tuned for our announcement of Episodes 5 & 6 coming up soon!

February 14 update: Callie’s Solo Episode 4, “The Singer’s Salon” goes live tonight on Youtube! Tune in to watch and live tweet with us on Twitter! Be sure to subscribe and click on the icon to get updates! Here’s the link to our channel!
Callie’s Solo Web Series

Callie’s Solo update:Tune in on our youtube channel Nov. 1st, at 6:00 p.m. or anytime thereafter, to watch Episode 1, “The Guitar Amp”. Click on the link below to get to Callie’s Solo Web Series, and don’t forget to subscribe!



Callie’s Solo is a semi-autobiographical musical/comedy web series created by Wendy Parman, about a singer and voice teacher in Chicago.  A seed that germinated during the worst of the polar vortex winter a few years back, grew into a script consisting of six episodes. For the past year, Wendy, with the help of Director Eileen Vorbach and Cinematographer Xavier Otten (and a cast of many talented actors and singers) have worked hard at filming the series, (despite minor problems like the changing of the seasons and ya know, surgery. ) They raised money on Indiegogo that sufficed to get them this far, and now they are hosting a fundraiser to complete post-production. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Randy Casparsan has already been editing Episodes 1 and 2, which, if all goes as planned, will be previewed at the Oct 1st Fundraiser at Lizard’s Liquid Lounge. Can’t make it to the Fundraiser? NO PROBLEM! Donate here!

Here’s our trailer on youtube! Check it out and subscribe to our channel for updates on new releases!


Xavier Otten (Cinematographer) and Andy Monson as Zack

The first Episode finds Callie dealing with the ramifications of getting divorced and trying to move on with her life. In Episode 2, we’ll meet her son, Zack, a video gamer, who decided at the last minute to apply for financial aid for college, her friend and confidant Jessica, and some of her “interesting” students.

Here’s a description of the series:

Callie, a singer, who tries to balance her music career with her voice teaching studio, navigates her way through the chaotic Chicago music scene. Newly single, with a son about to leave for college, Callie steps into a fresh start with characteristic klutziness and compassion, dealing with her wannabe singer students, the generational divide between her and her son, and the inevitable karmic fallout from her ex.

Kylah Frye as Jessica

Kylah Frye as Jessica