The Theme Song of Callie’s Solo, Wendy’s Broken Toe Blues and others can be found at:

Check out some samples from Wendy’s former band, The Red Apples. She sings Bang Bang, their version of a Sonny & Cher tune, and a sample from an original song: In This Black Hole.

Vimeo link to CAU (Chicago Acoustic Underground) podcast of This Black Hole with The Red Apples acoustic:


Wendy and Jaroslaw first began to collaborate in the mid 80’s on a series of songs which they performed but never recorded. The songs are mostly Jaroslaw’s settings of music to Wendy’s poetry with a few exceptions. They straddle a grey area somewhere between classical art song, and European cabaret, with at times, a singer/songwriter sensibility.  They went their separate musical ways for many years before re-connecting a few years ago at which time they decided to revisit the material. Since then, they have been recording, preparing the pieces for performance, and even working on some new pieces. They offer a preview of some of that process here, and hope to be announcing the cd and some performance dates in the near future.