Davenport’s Show Announced!

I hope you’ll all come out to see me at Davenport’s in June. It’s my first solo show there, and actually the first real solo show I’ve done in ages, without the now defunct band, and without it being a venue for promoting and assisting other folks to perform. I’m pretty excited! Here’s the blurb, please go to the website and make a reservation:Momretouched (610x900)
June 14, 2015
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Vocalist/ songwriter Wendy Parman, is thrilled to make her Davenport’s Cabaret solo debut in ”This is New,” on June 14 , accompanied by Justin Bernard Bowse. Starting a new life is full of twist and turns, and well, this isn’t her first go around. On the pathway of reinvention and reemergence, Wendy explores what it is to look at things anew, through both humor and song. With her penchant for genre shifting, a passion for sumptuous melody and the poetic turn of phrase, Wendy promises to take you through an eclectic celebration of notable songs, both old and new, from Weill to Mancini, to Winehouse, as well as some of her own original tunes.

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