Wendy Parman’s Voice Studio offers a unique approach for singers to realize their full potential.  Wendy ‘s voice lessons, are customized for individual singers, and consist of training the body and voice to create a free, expressive and unique sound.  To help her students in the next stage of development she offers performance coaching, and workshops for applying those techniques. She also coaches speech and acting for the actor or public speaker. Finally, each month she hosts the Singer’s Salon in Chicago, which affords singers an opportunity to perform in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Wendy loves working with young people and children, as well as adult and mature adult singers, and has experience with all ages. Her patience and nurturing approach make her an ideal instructor for the beginner as well as the more advanced student.

Wendy draws from 30 plus years of professional singing, acting, and performance experience in a variety of genres, as well as holistic voice and bodywork approaches to further enhance the experience of the student. See her bio for more information.

“Each student is a unique individual with a unique set of gifts. My role is to help singers find the essence and expression of those gifts, vocally and artistically.  I teach them to first explore, then fully inhabit and finally reveal themselves to the world.”